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Join me in my efforts to support Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Region!

This is me 10 years ago, (in the green jacket), cycling 525 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles raising money and awareness for Arthritis and a cure. 10 years later, Im doing it again.. at my ripe old age, on September 22-29 2018. I personally take a week off work, I pay personally all cost to get me and my bike there to S.F., I personally pay for my cost for lodging and meals, maintence! Everything I raise $$ goes to the Arthritis Foundation. A 501 c 3 organization non profit. If anyone you know suffers from Arthritis, and all its forms (i do, and I suffer as well as many I know ) Im doing this for the cure. I do not receive a dime! Even my jersey and jacket are paid for by my own registration fees. If you would like to donate to the Arthritis Foundation, even $5.00 ( knowing that I am doing this to encourage your support) ...I Thank you ahead of time for supporting The Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Region. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. And I will put your name on my jersey and you will be with me as I pedal hard and not quit before Los Angeles no matter how tired I am. Many of you know that I am not a professional cyclist or anywhere close to that. I am an old lady now, lol and hope to do something that makes a difference in others lives for the good. And with all the negative things going on in our world and our beloved Country, its time for me to focus on solutions of what I CAN do, even if its small. I know you too find ways to bless, and not let this world bring you and others down! I know myself its a good thing and many of my friends are doing just that... trying to take the high road and make a difference where we can in life! I'm taking you along with me in spirit and support on that high road (literally climbing 6K feet) for love of God and Country.... and those suffering from Arthritis! Sincerely Yours Tracy Holmes
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