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Join me in my efforts to support Arthritis Foundation, Pacific Region!

Thank you for supporting Arthritis Foundation! In September 2018 my team and I will again ride 525 miles over 8 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour!

We are Team Carter and we ride in honor of this amazing little 7 year old boy and all of the 300,000 children in the US afflicted with various forms of arthritis. Carter is the same age as my boys (my oldest is 8 & his twin brothers are 6).

Did you know that the ~300,000 kids suffering from various forms of arthritis outnumber all of the kids with juvenile diabetes, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy combined? Juvenile arthritis is a very serious problem. The Arthritis Foundation does an amazing job supporting these kids and their families. They host special summer camps for these kids with a 1:1 camper/nurse ratio, and support families of small children like Carter with tons of information, support, and sometimes even connections. Carter's treatment at the hands of doctors he was referred to through the AF have helped to control his condition. But control is not a cure and we still have a lot of work to do.

We all have loved ones who we know suffer from “arthritis”, an umbrella term that actually covers over 100 ailments, but you would be surprised at the number of people you know that suffer quietly.

Carter was diagnosed on January 6, 2014 with Juvenile Ankylosing Spondylitis before he turned 4. He manifested bouts of unexplained pain in July 2013 and has undergone countless treatments and infusions since then. Even though he fights a painful and debilitating form of Arthritis, Carter is a shining force, radiating strength, happiness and hope that he shares with everyone who touches his life. Carter has retained his silly personality and big heart. His curious nature drives him to constantly seek knowledge and store it in his amazing memory. Both he and I will remember and honor your generosity.

With your help, and only with your help, I plan to raise $15,000. These funds will be used to support the wonderful programs offered by the Arthritis Foundation as well as fund scientific research efforts for finding a cure!

Carter and I hope that you will support him in his struggle and his team in their efforts by donating now to support him and The Arthritis Foundation.

Please give generously! Your contribution is greatly appreciated!
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